Pendant with obsidian arrowhead PA1809

Native American inspired pendant : obsidian knapped arrowhead, copper ligature, link in premium vegetable tanning leather enhanced by bone, basalt and jasper beads. Clasp and its ring are hammered by hand in copper.

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This prehistoric jewel is of Native American inspiration.

Its obsidian (American origin) arrowhead is finely knapped with the same tools and techniques used by prehistoric man. Its edge is carefully polished.

To stay in the "handmade" spirit:
The ligature of the arrowhead is custom-made with hand hammered copper.
The link enhanced by bone, basalt and jasper beads is made of copper and leather.
The clasp and its ring are also hand hammered in copper.

The total size of this jewel is about 50 cm. As an option it is possible to add an extension cable shown below.

Used in the copper age (chalcolithic) in Europe, by Native Americans and Inuit in America. It is a material of choice for this prehistoric style jewel. Over time, it will take on a beautiful bronze patina (I have been wearing a set like this for several months). Importantly, no one is allergic to copper because, unlike many metals used in jewellery, there is no nickel, cadmium or lead: it is 100% copper. 100% Primitive.

The leather of our prehistoric ornaments is of first choice, with artisanal vegetable tanning. Its diameter is about 2 mm.

A legend, probably dating back to prehistoric times, tells us: "the obsidian is the stone of protective fire, keeping away evil spirits from its bearer".  The Amerindians say: "finding an old arrowhead brings good luck and it then becomes their amulet".

As for me, I gave this intention in creating this jewel, to allow you to own a neoprimitive talisman. Wearing it will take you back to prehistory.


Data sheet

Tip length
5.8 cm
Tip width
3.4 cm
Necklace length
~50 cm

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