Basketmaker style obsidian blade knife C1802

Basketmaker style knife with obsidian blade, engraved boxwood handle and deer tendon ligatures.

This piece is part of my last work and is intended to be Native American inspired.

I knapped its blade from a black obsidian from America (volcanic rock). The lines of this prehistoric knife are based on those that really existed among Basketmakers. Amerindian culture of the same name (7000-1500 BC).

The handle is made of boxwood, which had been drying for more than fifteen years in my workshop. Its grain is fine, to the touch the knife is magical. It was a real pleasure to work. A prehistoric resin-based glue attaches the blade to its handle. It is a real cement. The whole thing is tied with deer tendons coated with tendon glue.

I engraved his handle with a hunting scene and some geometric signs accompany it.

As usual, I applied a very slight patina to this piece. This gives the appearance of a knife that has already lived for a few years, carried by its owner.

Finally, attached to the handle, a short strap cut out of deerskin.
A display box accompanies it and stays in tune.

The result is a very decorative ensemble, like coming out of an old dusty museum. With a single glance he transports you to America, a long time ago at a time when man still lived on good terms with nature.

Primitive fiction

After several hours of stalking, only armed with a propeller and his knife, a hunter just killed a deer. With this catch, he will be able to feed all the clan for several days...
The other hunters are joining him. With a sure gesture, equipped with his obsidian knife, he opens the belly of the animal to take out the liver, which they will share on the spot as a reward...


Data sheet

Knife size
16.5 cm
Cutting edge length
~6 cm
Blade width
~3.4 cm