Basketmaker style obsidian blade knife C1803

Basketmaker style knife with obsidian blade, engraved boxwood handle and deer tendon ligatures.

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Native American inspired piece that is part of my new series of knives.

I knapped his blade from a black American obsidian, a volcanic rock with a sharper edge than any man-made steel blade.
The size and lines of this knife are based on the design of those who really existed among the Basketmakers. Amerindian culture of the same name (7000-1500 BC).

The handle is made of boxwood, which had been drying for a very long time in my workshop. A real pleasure has been worked on, the grain is fine, the touch is magical.
The blade is attached to its handle by using a prehistoric resin-based glue and then tied with deer tendons coated with tendon glue (a real natural concrete).

I engraved the handle with geometric signs. A very slight patina is applied to this piece. This gives us the appearance of a knife that has already lived a few years carried by its owner.

Finally, a short strap cut out of deerskin is attached to the handle.

Between the prehistoric tool and the surprising, original work of art, it will easily appear on its custom-made display box or it will appear straight out of an old forgotten crate from an old dusty museum... Displayed in this way at home, it will transport you with a single glance a very long time ago into prehistory and will convey in you a certain idea of the life that we have unfortunately lost... or the virtuous circle linking us with our land had not yet been cut.

This work remains perfectly functional with its unparalleled sharpness, you can use it to cut your deer steak and see yourself as a prehistoric man or woman.


Data sheet

Knife size
16.4 cm
Cutting edge length
~6 cm
Blade width
~3.3 cm