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  • Knives

    The art knifemaker Yannick Kepinski offers you his flint (and obsidian) knives inspired by prehistory, Amerindians and first peoples. They are made with the same prehistoric materials, tools and techniques. For each knife, a custom-made case is made. The combination of knife and case gives the soul of a piece that may belong to one of our prehistoric ancestors.

    Unique and signed pieces.

  • Arrowheads

    The Paleo workshop offers you facsimile arrowheads of prehistoric archaeological pieces in flint, jasper or obsidian.

  • Jewellry

    The Paleo workshop proposes you its prehistoric jewels, ethnic or tribal, shaped from flint or obsidian arrowheads, in stone, bone, mammoth ivory.

  • Arrows

    The Paleo workshop offers you her facsimiles of prehistoric and Amerindian arrows, with flint, obsidian and bone arrowhead.

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