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Flint blade knife "Cro-Magnon" C1806
  • Flint blade knife "Cro-Magnon" C1806
  • Flint blade knife "Cro-Magnon" C1806
  • Flint blade knife "Cro-Magnon" C1806
  • Flint blade knife "Cro-Magnon" C1806
  • Flint blade knife "Cro-Magnon" C1806
  • Flint blade knife "Cro-Magnon" C1806

Flint blade knife "Cro-Magnon" C1806

Cro-Magnon inspired knife with flint blade, boxwood handle and deer tendon ligatures.


A piece in the Cro-Magnon spirit.

Like him, I knapped the blade from a large piece of previously heated flint. The handle is made of a boxwood trunk (this piece of wood had been waiting patiently in my luggage for over fifteen years). I deliberately kept the departure of a branch and thus gave the desired "Cro-Magnon" aspect.

The blade is attached to its handle using prehistoric glue and a tendon ligation. Attached to the handle, a short strap cut out of deerskin.

You will notice a more pronounced patina on this piece, to give the appearance of a knife that has already lived with its owner from the reindeer hunting years.

Finally I made a wooden display box for this knife. This gives us a decorative ensemble, ready to be exhibited to transport you with a single glance to Cro-Magnon. Because it could have belonged to a Cro-Magnon hunter who lived there -23,000...
Like our distant ancestors, you can use it to cut your deer steak. You will not be disappointed by its sharpness.

Primitive fiction

It's autumn. A Cro-Magnon clan set up its hunting camp downstream of several guets, which were forced to pass through by the large reindeer herds during their migrations.
Late in the morning some of the hunters leave in search of the first traces of animals....
On a hunter's belt, this dagger, ready to butcher the game, will serve once the dried meat is in reserve for the long and cold winter that is coming.


Data sheet

Knife size
18.5 cm
Cutting edge length
~7.3 cm
Blade width
~4.1 cm